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            Premier General Contractor for Louisiana

            Expect More

            Imagine seeing your business open a new location, or seeing the home you’ve always wanted. You’ll be inside your new home or business building sooner than you think. Haddad Construction can make it happen. We know just how important your new construction or remodeling project is to you. We work closely with our clients to understand exactly what they want to see, and then work hard without cutting corners to make it a reality. Details are important to you, so they’re important to us. We’re not done until you get exactly what you imagined while sticking to your budget.

            The Experienced General Contractor Louisiana Proudly Calls Her Own

            Stop worrying about hidden costs or budgets getting out of control. You can finally be excited to move into your new home or commercial building without lying awake at night thinking about the details of your project. That’s our job; and we do it with pride towards perfection. You’ve got enough to worry about without having to check up on your building site. Our on-site supervision ensures that you get exactly what you want, down to the last detail.

            Haddad Construction has been in the contracting business for over 25 years. We take pride in our work, pay close attention to detail to get you exactly what you want. You won’t have to pay another company for touch-ups or changes because we don’t cut corners. We give our customers exactly what they want in their construction projects, and give them peace of mind until it’s done to their satisfaction. Let us show you how exciting a building project can be, without the headaches and hassle.

            Imagine having what you’ve always wanted in your home or business. Haddad Construction can make it happen. We’ll build your dream into a reality. Call today for a free quote!